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InCommon Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2015 

Attending: Klara Jelinkova, Dennis Cromwell, Michael Gettes, Dave Vernon, John O’Keefe, Pankaj Shah, Steve Carmody, Von Welch, Mark Crase, Melissa Woo, Michele Norin, Jacob Farmer, Susan Kelley, Sean Reynolds

With: Ann West, Dean Woodbeck, Dan Dinhoble (Wisegate)


Internte2 is operating a pilot with Wisegate, a service that provides a method to potentially streamline collaboration work, as well as other benefits for interacting with IT leaders in Internet2, research, and education. Dan Dinhoble, founder and COO of Wisegate, provided an overview of the service.

Minutes from March 2, 2015

These minutes were approved via Wisegate.

Research & Scholarship Category

Von Welch presented a list of campuses that, from the point of view of large NSF-funded research projects, are key to making attribute release and the Research & Scholarship Category work. He cited two issues facing the research community: 1) incomplete coverage of federation in US, driving research projects to turn to social identities, and 2) having to negotiate attribute release on a case-by-case basis.

Von’s recommendations are: 1) implement a campaign to get as many R1s and other research institutions to join InCommon and set up an IdP, and 2) implement a campaign to spur adoption of R&S to enable attribute release.

(AI) Members of Steering agreed to make personal contacts to CIOs at the identified institutions to discuss attribute release and R&S.

(AI) Ann will meet with Von and a small group to develop the background information (value proposition and answers to key questions) involved in R&S and attribute release. There is also interest in getting CIO feedback on the approach to advance this on campus, along with provide contact information for resources at InCommon.

Attribute Release Recommendation

Ann and Steve offered an attribute release recommendation that asks InCommon IdPs to release an identified set of attributes to all InCommon Service Providers. Further, they recommend that Steering establish a working group to consider the technical, policy, and business process that will need to change and/or be implemented to make this happen.

There was discussion that this is a shift in InCommon policy, which has recommended limited attribute release to protect personal privacy. Discussion and a decision will take place at the April 27 Steering meeting at the Internet2 Global Summit.

Meeting April 27 at Internet2 Global Summit

The agenda for this meeting (Monday, April 27, 8:00-10:30 am) includes:

  1. Attribute release recommendation
  2. InCommon priorities
  3. InCommon organization
  4. Steering planning process
  5. eduGAIN package

Next Meeting – Monday, April 27, 2015 – F2F at Global Summit

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