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InCommon Steering Committee Meeting - December 1, 2014


Attending: Mark Crase, Jack Suess, Bill Yock, Michael Gettes, Dennis Cromwell, Susan Kelley, Steve Devoti, Joel Cooper, Chris Holmes, Ken Klingenstein, Steve Carmody, Klara Jelinkova

With: John Krienke, Ann West


Approved the minutes from October 27, 2014, and November 3, 2014

California Community Colleges

John Krienke reported that he and the California Committee Colleges chancellor’s office have reached an agreement regarding a central payment mechanism for all 122 campuses to use in joining InCommon. The campuses will each join, but payment is in aggregate and will be made up front for three years.

AAC Charter

Steve Devoti, chair of the Assurance Advisory Committee, reviewed the proposed changes to the AAC charter. The changes reflect the changing nature of the AAC’s work – from operating an assurance application process to looking at how to evolve assurance and trust in the federation.

Summary of changes:

  1. Section 1.2 - Selection of Chair and Vice-Chair - Specifies Chair and Vice-chair terms as 1 year. Specifies that the Vice-chair becomes the Chair.
  2. Section 2. - Duties - Removes “primary duty”. More explicitly defines AAC duties to include enhancing trust within the federation. Provides more detail on the sort of recommendations the AAC will make to Steering.
  3. Section 3. - Criteria for Success - Some minor wording changes.
  4. Removed:
    1. B. Community recognition of the value of the InCommon Identity Assurance Program
    2. C. Community demand for assessments under the InCommon Identity Assurance Program

It was moved and seconded to approve the changes to the AAC charter. Unanimously approved. Here is a PDF of the new charter.

R&S Definition Change

John Krienke reviewed the proposed change to the InCommon Research and Scholarship Category specification – specifically the removal of the sentence concerning the use of human subjects in research. This will clear up confusion and also bring the InCommon spec in line with the international standard.

It was moved and seconded to approve the changes to the R&S Category specification. Unanimously approved.


The Steering Committee is charged with presenting two nominees for each opening (there are three this year). The committee discussed the current make-up of Steering and the upcoming vacancies and recommended nominees to Internet2

Thank You

Steering expresses its thanks to Jack Suess and Joel Cooper for their six years of service and their many contributions to the community.

Next Meeting – January 5, 2014, 4 pm ET


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