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InCommon Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - August 4, 2014

Attending: Melissa Woo, Jack Suess, Steve Carmody, Dennis Cromwell, Mark Crase, John O’Keefe, Klara Jelinkova, John O’Keefe, Michael Gettes, Chris Holmes

With: Ann West, Dean Woodbeck, John Krienke, Steve Zoppi, Mark Johnson (MCNC)

The minutes of the July 7, 2014, meeting were approved.

InCommon Regional Partners

John Krienke and Mark Johnson (MCNC) provided information about their discussions about extending the value of federation to smaller institutions. A few summary slides are on the Steering wiki:

Under the current InCommon model, the overall cost to federate all of North Carolina’s 115 K-12 districts is too high. InCommon and MCNC are breaking down all of InCommon’s business and technical features, and intend to rearrange those to fit MCNC and K-12. This would involve MCNC becoming the steward for representing and registering these third-parties with InCommon, and serving as the registration authority and providing metadata verification and support.

Such an arrangement would take advantage of existing MCNC relationships with K-12, and interest in aggregating technical solutions and support for a region. There would be new “term sheet” documents defining roles and responsibilities of InCommon and MCNC, as well as modifications to the InCommon Participation Agreement and FOPP.

Comments from Steering members:

  • Like this innovation. Need to move quickly. InCommon must continue to grow
  • Can’t ignore this or someone else will move into this space
  • In addition to K-12, this could be useful for small non-profits like museums
  • At some point, K-12s will bring in the service providers they work with. This could be a much bigger community than higher ed
  • The regional steward role makes sense. This could make sense in higher ed, as well, thinking about California State University system and the California Community College system.

John Krienke and Mark Johnson will continue to develop this and come back to Steering.

Programs Subcommittee

John O’Keefe reported that the subcommittee and John Krienke have created a “programs and services index” draft, which will be useful in mapping the priorities into the operations.

The timeline calls for having a draft 2015 process by early September.


Klara reported that the special committee formed to define and develop TIER continues to meet and hopes to have a draft for the annual EDUCAUSE meeting.

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