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InCommon Steering Committee Minutes – 4 November 2013

Attending: Jack Suess, Ardoth Hassler, Michael Gettes, Mark Crase, Steve Carmody, Klara Jelinkova, John O’Keefe

With: John Krienke, Ann West

Identity Week

Wednesday dinner (Nov. 13) will bring together members of the Assurance Advisory Committee, InCommon Steering, and the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee. There will be small group conversations during the dinner, then conversations after dinner. Each table will be asked to capture a summary of their conversations.

Steve Carmody provided a nice summary of issues on the TAC list, which might serve as a good starting point.

  1. Identify red-button identity-related issues on the campuses and provide guidance and tools.
  2. Accelerate adoption of federated identity, and our profiles and practices, by creating engagement with the community.
  3. Provide guidance and tools to campuses facing IAM requirements that are increasingly complex.
  4. Identify and address barriers to scale and service quality as usage of federated identity continues to grow (including via interfederation)
  5. Simplify the steps for interoperating with Net+ providers.

Klara commented that we need to come out of the dinner with some next steps identified, particularly related to speeding up adoption

Steering F2F Agenda (Thursday, Nov. 14)

Jack commented that, based on the recent conversations with Shel, that Steering should start functioning as a board, as envisioned under the Trust and Identity initiative. Potential Face-to-Face agenda items:

  1. An effective structure, based on expanded responsibilities (subcommittees, expanded size of steering, or involvement of people not on steering)
  2. Set of priorities for 2014 and what is needed for success
  3. What representation does Steering need for the future
  4. Review/discuss strategy of buying portions of time from campus-based professionals – pros and cons
  5. 2013 revenue and 2014 budget
  6. Identify short-term priorities that are consistent with longer-term goals

K-12 “Scholarships”

John Krienke brought forward a proposal that InCommon waive its fees for up to five qualified K-12 or community colleges involved in a regional K-20 pilot (for 2013 and 2014). ( Steering concurred.

eduGAIN Governance

John reviewed a request for comment from GEANT regarding a document that sets forth options for governance of eduGAIN. The service is currently governed by the GEANT board, but other options are being considered, given the increasingly broad membership in eduGAIN. The favored option is to evolve the governance to include a broader group. Steering consensus is that InCommon should push for representation on the board. Comments are due November 15.


Nominations for Steering membership are open until Nov. 15. Please spread the word.

Next Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, at Identity Week.

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