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The Indiana CTSI HUB service has been approved for the Research and Scholarship category. The CTSI HUB represents a statewide collaboration between Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame biomedical researchers.  Indiana CTSI also partners with Indiana public health organizations and with researchers worldwide to help accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries in the lab into new patient treatments.

Service providers (SPs) eligible for the R&S category support research and scholarship activities such as virtual organizations and campus-based collaboration services. Participating identity providers (IdPs) agree to release a minimal set of attributes to R&S SPs (name, email address, user identifier, and affiliation). This can be done with a one-time modification to the IdP’s default attribute release policy, which applies to the entire R&S category. This provides a simpler and more scalable approach for IdPs than negotiating attribute release individually with every service provider.

See the InCommon wiki for complete information about the R&S Category. A complete list of R&S services is available via the Federation Info web pages.

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