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The InCommon Federation has released a pre-production test version of a new Discovery Service for federation participants. The InCommon Discovery Service will eventually replace the InCommon WAYF, providing compatibility with SAML V2.0 and Shibboleth 2.x, along with increased flexibility, privacy and security. Here is the projected timeline:

  • Mon, Nov 30, 2010 - Pre-production Discovery Service released
  • Wed, Dec 15, 2010 - Production Discovery Service released
  • Wed, Feb 2, 2011 - Redirect from the WAYF to the Discovery Service

Once the redirect from the WAYF to the Discovery Service is installed (projected for Feb. 2), we will discontinue support for the InCommon WAYF. There is an FAQ on the InCommon Collaborate wiki, which includes details on configuring a Shibboleth SP to use the InCommon Discovery Service instead of the InCommon WAYF.

InCommon is seeking comments on the new InCommon Discovery Service, both from a usability standpoint and from an aesthetic viewpoint. The production version of the InCommon Discovery Service will be based on community feedback received during this pre-production test phase. Please send any comments or suggestions (by Dec. 10, 2010) to

Information about the InCommon Discovery Service, including a FAQ:

Testing the InCommon Discovery Service:

Send comments and feedback to:

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