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Remote Proofing Use Cases

  1. Distance learning students who will not interact with the main campus other than through distance learning
  2. Study abroad students and faculty on sabbatical who need to be registered or re-registered
  3. Contractors in other physical locations, including overseas
  4. Faculty and students located at extended campuses, either overseas or at distributed centers away from the main campus
  5. Call center functions such as resetting a password 
  6. Prospective students and/or newly admitted students who need access prior to coming to campus (include international students)
  7. Disabled students with limited mobility, or students who need special assistive technologies (screen reader, Brail output device, etc)
  8. Minor students or others who may not have acceptable gov't issued ID, and who may need to be "bootstrapped" via parents or other 3rd parties who are offsite
  9. Faculty hired now for an appointment in the future.
  10. Work-at-home employees

"Special" cases

  1. (Possibly?) Bridging assurance for incoming people who already have a Silver credential at a different IdP (for instance, CommIT)
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1 Comment

  1. So the three buckets seem to be:

    1. In Person on Campus (verifier and subject in same place)
    2. In Person Remote to Campus (verifier and subject in same place off-Campus)
    3. True Remote (verifier and subject are in two different places regardless of where the Campus located).

    Comment on this bucketing?