AD-Assurance Notes from March 15

Mark Rank, UCSF

David Walker, InCommon/Internet2

Michael Brogan, UWash

Jeff Capehart, UFL

Ron Thielen, UChicago

Brian Arkills, UWash

Dean Wells, Microsoft

Chris Irwin, Microsoft

Jeff Whitworth, UNC-Greensboro

Warren Curry, UFL

Ann West, InCommon/Internet2

Joseph Streeter, UW Madison

Next Call

March 22 at Noon ET

+1-734-615-7474 PREFERRED



Action Items


Ann will work with Debbie Bucci (NIH) to set up calls with Federal Agencies that have certified IdPs.


Michael will update scope statement and summary table in the wiki. 

All to prepare for gap analysis discussion. Refer to the Cookbook (linked to our project wiki page) and summary matrix. 



Chris Irwin and Dean Wells joined the call, have offered their help, and asked that we provide MS with 

  • IAP implementation questions scope to our targeted product(s) and versions
  • Discussion of what we're trying to solve

Using this, he can develop a Microsoft response and determine next steps.  


Product scoping. For now, the work will be limited to AD-DS. Another alternative means for AD-FS may be developed in the future to help those schools using that product in the assurance flow. Use case: Office365 access. Suggestion is to keep the scope smaller, focusing on the product with the largest install-base and assurance implication, so we can make more timely recommendations that benefit the largest number of schools.

Version: The current Cookbook refers to 2008 R2; At minimum, our work should address this version. 2012 is not widely deployed yet, but if we have a path forward with 2008 R2, we ask Microsoft about the DIFF with 2012. 

IAP: Remove the AD-FS related items (,, and add in due to requirement for protected channels (and approved algorithms).

[AI] Michael to update Scope and Summary Matrix for discussion on the next call.

Next Call Friday March 22 at Noon ET

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