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This page lists sample management assertions that are generic enough to adapt to most institutions' use.

The following is a proposed list of sections that may have enough commonality for us to focus on. Please feel free to edit/modify this list. So far we had agreement on 4.2.1 and 4.2.7

Major Sections

Sub Sections

  • - Identity Verification Process
    • Are ID card offices prevalent enough, and are practices common enough, that we could write something general for this?
  • - Existing Relationship
    • Employees: We all have I9's for our employees, seems like we could write something general for this
    • What about other campus populations like students? Any documents in common?
  • - In-Person proofing
    • ID Card office or Registration Authority again?
  • - Address of Record Confirmation
    • General processes used, which we could write generic assertions to cover
      • Email single use link
      • Mail letter with temp credential that has a limited time to live
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