Notes from the 2/21/2014 AD Assurance call


Fri, 21 Feb 2014 10:28:56 -0800


David Walker <>


InCommon AD Assurance Group <>


DHW <>


Eric Goodman, Ron Thielen, Jeff Capehart, and I met this morning and,
after a few edits to align Ron's recent addition of information about
Radius, decided that the current draft of our document
( and responses to comments
( are final. These will be
discussed in Tuesday's (2/25) AAC call, so if you have any last minute
objections, raise them now or forever hold your peace. If you were not
in the call, you can use the documents' edit histories to see the
changes that were made after Eric's last call for this past Wednesday.

Eric will extract our interpretations section and send it to the AAC
(which Ann, as the list moderator, will need to approve for delivery).
The AAC does not currently have access to the final versions of the
documents, so they'll either need to be posted in their permanent,
public place, or the AAC will need to be given access to them where they
are (to give an opportunity for AAC feedback before a public posting).
Eric will consult with Ann for how to proceed with this so that his note
to the AAC contains the right information.


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