AD-Assurance Notes from April 12

David Walker, InCommon/Internet2 
Eric Goodman, UCOP 
Brian Arkills, UWash 
Michael Brogan, UWash
Lee Amenya, UCSD 
Mark Rank, UCSF 
Ann West, InCommon/Internet2

Next Call

April 12 at Noon ET
+1-734-615-7474 PREFERRED

Agenda: NASA Call summary; strategy for next steps. 


Brian - NTLM v1, verify NTLM v2 - replay,  Kerberos - research

* NTLM v2 does address replay attacks - remove

Lee - and decide whether the past the hash fits under the criteria and is it addressed by what's in the table. 

Eric - Password set events to the domain controller - is it secure and where does it go. Subject to IdP change password. 

Mark - use cases captured and risk analysis for each must be address. 

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