Developments in Assurance: Insights from Across the Pond
Wed., Feb. 3, 2016 at noon ET

Resources from this webinar are now available!

Slides (PDF) are here. The Adobe Connect webinar recording is here.

The InCommon Assurance call on Wednesday. February 3 discussed “Developments in Assurance: Insights from Across the Pond.”  The discussion focused on two papers:

Important issues covered in the papers include:

  • Baseline assurance profile for IdPs
  • SP requirements
  • Self assessment tools
  • Recommended best practices

One of white paper authors joined us on the call:

  • Daniela Pöhn (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) 
  • Mikael Linden (CSC -  Finnish IT Center for Science) (unable to join but provided slides)

The host for the call was  Chris Spadanuda, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Chair of the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC). 


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