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Do you enjoy being involved, want to be part of something great? Are you interested how Identity Assurance, Security, and Trust impact Higher Education? The InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee, part of the InCommon Assurance Program, is looking for new members to help shape the future! We are a fun collegial group, with a diverse background, who welcome new ideas. 

We would like to invite participation from three individuals:  someone in an Auditor/Security role, a Service Provider representative, and an Identity Provider representative.  

The InCommon Assurance Program is based on the tenet that good security and identity practices help ensure that an individual using an electronic credential is the person you think he or she is. For Service Providers in an identity federation, having Identity Provider Operators support a standard practice set (or profile) can mitigate the risk of service compromise. For Identity Providers it is a way to provide single sign-on access to applications requiring an increased level of confidence in a credential.

InCommon has two available profiles, Bronze and Silver, both approved by the US government's Identity Credential and Access Management program. The profiles are written by higher education for higher education, and are compatible with the US government's NIST Levels of Assurance 1 and 2. A major goal of the group is to evolve the InCommon Assurance Program into something that is better able to meet the needs of the community. We need your input and participation in order to accomplish this.

The Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) is the oversight body of the InCommon Identity Assurance Program and advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. According to the AAC charter, responsibilities include:

  • Providing oversight of the entire InCommon Identity Assurance Program;
  • Reviewing applications for certification to one or more InCommon Identity Assurance Qualifiers as set forth in the latest published InCommon Identity Assurance documents and make recommendations to the InCommon Steering Committee for the award or denial of such certifications; and
  • Recommending changes to the Identity Assurance documents and program.

Technologies are rapidly changing and the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee is looking for people willing to bring new ideas and spearhead the future of Identity Assurance, Security and Trust. These items are foundational pieces of the InCommon Federation. In order to build and strengthen these foundational items, in bigger and better ways for the community, we need you!

The committee meets, virtually, every two weeks and has one or two face to face meetings per year. We welcome personal nominations, volunteers, and recommendations for the positions on the committee. Please reach out to express interest or with any questions to Chris Spadanuda, InCommon Assurance Committee Vice Chair,


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