Blog from April, 2015

The May 6, 2015 InCommon Assurance Call featured two topics:


Topic: Flexible Vetting: Using a Point System to Verify Identity  slides (PDF)

 Bee-Lindgren, Identity Management Architect, Georgia Tech
Jesse Rankin, Sr Identity Management Developer, Georgia Tech


Topic: Community Feedback to SP-800-63-2  slides (PDF)

Discussion led by:
Jacob Farmer, Indiana University and Chair of Assurance Advisory Committee

Recording of AdobeConnect webinar available here




Update as of June 2015

Based on community input on SP-800-63-2, AAC Chair Jacob Farmer sent these comments to NIST on May 22, 2015:


From: Farmer, Jacob
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2015 
Subject: Comments on SP 800–63-2

Dear Colleagues,

InCommon, a FICAM Approved Trust Framework Provider, is providing the following feedback in response to the call for comments on SP 800-63-2[1].

In surveying the Higher Education community, the primary concern articulated is that the structure of the NIST LoAs – and by extension, the InCommon profiles – is monolithic and does not map well to the business challenges commonly experienced in Higher Education.  An approach that allows for the decoupling of identity proofing and credential quality would support more use cases and likely spur more adoption. 

On behalf of InCommon, we strongly encourage you to adjust the composition of the LoA in 800-63 to allow more flexibility in this regard.


Jacob Farmer
Chair, InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee



Call for Community Input, April 2015


NIST is requesting comments on Electronic Authentication Guideline SP 800-63-2 [1] by May 22, 2015 with the goal of gathering requirements for a substantial update of the spec.  Please see the call for comments, and especially the "Note to Reviewers" here

The InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) will be preparing comments and would appreciate your input. Please share your thoughts on the InCommon Assurance email list at  (If you are not that list, please add yourself by sending an email to with this in the subject: subscribe assurance )

I hope that we can have a robust and productive conversation around our desired changes to this important document.

Please provide any feedback to the list by May 8, 2015  After that time, the AAC will work with InCommon to create a draft response, which we will share with the InCommon Assurance list for one final round of comments before the May 22, 2015 deadline.

Best regards,
Jacob Farmer, Indiana University
Chair, InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee