Blog from September, 2011

Working on getting your campus certified under one or more  InCommon Identity Assurance Profiles? Would like to hear what others are doing and updates from InCommon on the Assurance Program? Subscribe to, by sending a note to with a subject of subscribe assurance [FirstName] [LastName].

InCommon is working with IdPs UW- Milwaukee, Virginia Tech, University of Florida, and PennState and SP CI Logon to test the variety of assurance transactions that organisations would like to support. For more information on the items being discussion, view Assurance Technical Implementation Considerations.

The CIC schools are pursuing a higher level of certification through the InCommon Federation, to which all CIC schools belong. This will allow users to access shared digital resources more securely. In addition, management policies will be refined, and represent a greater ability for CIC schools to collaborate on higher-stakes activities.

Part of the effort is to develop a cookbook to aid in configuring Active Directory to meet the requirements for InCommon Silver.