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uApprove is built into the IdP at compile time and distributed by Salt to the minions as part of the CommIT IdP distribution. SWITCH maintains build documentation and CommIT did nothing custom. Pages are customized in $IDP_INSTALL_DIR$/src/main/webapp/uApprove.

uApprove relies on a database and uses c3p0 as a connection pooling mechanism while relying on JDBC libraries for database-specific communication. c3p0 comes with the distribution, but a JDBC database connector needs to be added to the IdP installation directory's lib folder for the appropriate DB. In our case, this was distributed by Postgres at

There are two basic configuration files for uApprove located in /opt/shibboleth-idp/conf. Most modifications from the distribution were made using the basic SWITCH documentation.

The IdP relies on the postgresql database that is hosted and replicated on the CPR servers in the pilot.

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