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  • Technical Requirements for AdmitMe Prototype
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Technical requirements for AdmitMe prototype project.

1.  A back end registration system for AdmitMe, either LDAP or RDBMS

a.  Backend will be a unified namespace (prototype and production).

b.  All data will go into the AdmitMe data store. (prototype, in practice the data will be split between AdmitMe and vendor)

2.  AdmitMe IdP

3.  Authentic branded web login pages modified from the source code provided by each of the vendors

a.  “Create New Account” button would go to a registration page

  1.                       i.   Working Vendor Registration pages that uses AdmitMe IdP
  2.                      ii.   Single page with custom headers and footers for individual vendor branding
  3.                    iii.   Links to allow registration to any participating vendor

b.  “Use my existing AdmitMe account” would allow access to pages using AdmitMe credentials

  1.                       i.   Provide access to some vendor service

4.  Vendor SP’s (vendors are receiving training on this now)

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