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Phase 1 – Technical Demonstration LoA 1


-    Will not use production data or live transactions
-    Function as a tool to discuss architecture, workflow, and business models
-    Each participating organization prototypes their part of the flow
-    Develop wire frame to discuss usability and subsequent technical model
-    Develop proof of concept once phase 1 wire frame is completed


-    Prospect-driven relationships and service requests
-    Service Providers manage the account set up with AdmitMe behind the scenes based on the opt in by the student
-    Prospect ease of use
-    Authn done by AdmitMe or Service Organization being accessed
-    Simulate LoA 1 registration authority

Use Cases

New User at a Registration Authority (RA): Prospect accesses Service Organization 1 (SO1) and gives them identity information to receive that service. SO1, an approved registration authority for the AdmitMe Network, asks prospect to create account. Prospect provides userid/password and clicks on Create AdmitMe Authentication Account. SO1/RA communicates with Admit Me in the background and does matching to ensure no duplications. SO1/RA returns success re: new credentials. Authentication information is sent to the user via email to verify new account.

Registered-AdmitMe User Authentication: Prospect can authenticate with AdmitMe credentials to access an AdmitMe Service Organization service.

Registered AdmitMe User Attribute Aggregation: Prospect authenticates with AdmitMe credentials at SO2 and requests a new service. SO2 queries RA/SP1 for users identity information to populate their online form and user then supplies the remaining information required by SP2 to access the service.

Phase 2: Technical Demonstration LoA 2

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