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IdP and LDAP

Notes taken from Shibboleth v3 work. Grinders can be recycled, but Salt commands will have to be changed by someone who understands our Salt setup better.

ssh to grinder-master
grinder-master static IP:

Updating nodes(run on

mv file.crt /var/www/dist/
salt "*" "curl -o /path/to/file.crt"


cp tests/saml2sso_idp/ /var/www/dist/
salt -G "roles:idp" "curl -o /opt/shibboleth-idp/conf/logback.xml"

Interesting Paths:


Starting jetty:

salt -G "roles:idp" "cd /opt/shibboleth-idp/jetty-base/ && nohup java -jar /opt/jetty/start.jar >> /dev/null &"

Stopping jetty:

salt -G "roles:idp" "kill \$(ps aux | grep '[j]etty' | awk '{print \$2}')"

Restarting jetty:

salt -G "roles:idp" "kill \$(ps aux | grep '[j]etty' | awk '{print \$2}') && sleep 10 && cd /opt/shibboleth-idp/jetty-base/ && nohup java -jar /opt/jetty/start.jar >> /dev/null &"

Checking jetty:

salt -G "roles:idp" "ps -ef | grep jetty"

Starting The Grinder Console:
Either figure out X-Windows and

ssh -X
cd /opt/grinder-framework/


vncserver :1

Connect to grinder:5901 using VNC client
Open terminal in Ubuntu

cd /opt/grinder-framework/

Changing test parameters:
Host new config file at

salt -G "roles:grinder" "curl -o /opt/grinder-framework/tests/saml2sso_idp/ && curl -o /opt/grinder-framework/tests/saml2sso_idp/"

Initializing agents:

salt -G "roles:grinder" "cd /opt/grinder-framework && ./bin/ saml2sso_idp &"

Checking on agents:

salt -G "roles:grinder" "ps -ef | grep agent"

Killing agents:

salt -G "roles:grinder" "kill \$(ps aux | grep '[a]' | awk '{print \$2}')"

The modified load testing script can either randomly choose one of 500000 users or do repeated SSO as a single user to emulate slightly more realistic load; just change

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