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  • DRAFT High Level Milestones and Time Frame Document
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  1. Immediately

    1. 1st iteration of prototype requirements
    2. Begin
      1. Scope
      2. Values
      3. Milestones and timeline
    3. Seek Participants for committees
    4. Identify participants for prototype and distribute work
    5. Quick survey of potential policy issues
  2. November 2011

    1. Form committee to discuss business plan
    2. form committee to discuss education and policy
      1. Requirements of education community
      2. policies regarding choosing IdP's
      3. all other policy issues
  3. Winter 2011 - Spring 2012

    1. Wireframe prototypes
    2. Functional prototypes
    3. Preparation of first draft Business Documents
    4. Preparation of first draft Education requirements
    5. Preparation of first draft Policy documents
  4. Spring 2012

    1. Demonstrate working prototypes to stakeholders
    2. Publications/artifacts:
      1. short term production scope document
      2. long term production scope document
      3. value document for production
      4. business plan
      5. first draft of project policies
      6. first draft of education requirements
  5. Fall 2012

    1. Roll out production pilot IdP(s)
    2. Roll out production pilot service providers
    3. Begin pilot phase testing and enhancements
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