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  • CommIT Draft roadmap and Glossary May 2012
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CommIT Road Map and Glossary of terms through December 2013

DRAFT as of May 2, 2012


Category Glossary



●      Identifier and Identity Management

○      account management

●      IdP (Fed Auth)

●      SP (Fed Auth)

●      Privacy Architecture

●      User Managed Access Approach

●      Level of Assurance Management

●      Production Requirements

○      Scalability

○      Disaster Recovery

●      Service Registry

●      User Interface


●      Policies

●      Privacy

●      Legal Issues and agreements

●      Decision Making (Who gets to decide)

●      Process development such as Issue resolution (duplicate resolution)


●      Use Cases

○      Higher Ed

○      Vendor

○      Federal

●      Level of Assurance Requirements

●      Privacy Requirements

●      Matching Requirements

●      Support issues

○      Password resets

○      Support for stakeholders

○      Help desk (user support)

●      Duplicate management


●      Business Plan

○      Funding

○      Business Model(s)

●      Marketing

○      Plan

○      Branding Services & Data Flow

                                          ■Transparency to Users

○      Recruiting Partners/Stakeholders

○      Presentations at conferences

                                          ■AACRAO (July 2012)

                                          ■EDUCAUSE (November 2012)

●      Procedures

●      Service Level Agreements

●      Participation and Certification Process

●      Privacy requirements


●      Applicants

●      Parents

●      Institutions

○      Colleges



○      Secondary Schools



○      Community Based Organizations


                                          ■counselors / advisors

●      Business partners

○      Hobsons

○      Common App

○      College Board

○      ACT

○      Academy One

●      K-12 Districts

●      Federal Agencies

●      Students


Road Map

Preparations for Oct 2012

●      Marketing

●      Identify attributes to be held

●      Stress testing

○      Hosting: Hobson’s and ConnectEDU

●      Architecture for Attribute Aggregation

●      Identify what unique identifier will look like

●      Define SAML2 deployment profile

●      Identify how much work to do/how much it will cost

●      Identify privacy requirements

Prototype: PESC Meeting (Oct 2012) (IS1 and basic demonstration of IS2)

Outcomes: Leave with Formal Commitment for First Production Stage August 1, 2013

●      IdP

○      Identity management

○      Account issue, password reset, etc, account checking to avoid duplicates

○      Report on Stress testing

○      Make sure that the func and behavior that may be expected of the grown-up IdP is prototyped and tested to whatever extent possible

○      Other items not to violate scope creep rules

●      2 or more service organizations

○      (SP and IdP variably)

○      Private

○      Public Authoritative Data Sources vs. Data Aggregators

●      Interface to IdP to demonstrate asserting and increasing/decreasing LOA, account vetting, etc.

●      IAt least one example of attribute aggregation

●      Account Linking

●      Identify identifier approach (as part of privacy arch), implement if possible

●      Delivering a decision making process through the first stage of production

○      InCommon Admissions group

○      Business group

●      Ask for Letters of Commitment

●      Identify what kind of funding we need

●      Funding model for First Stage of Production and Pilot

●      Marketing  Approach

●      Support model

○      Federated support implications

○      Linking old accounts to new

●      UI????

Pilot Stage: June 1, 2013

First Production Stage: August 1, 2013

●      Fed authentication and account linking

●      Identifier approach with privacy enforcements

●      Used by Common App and a handful of other HE partners

●      No LoA 2

●      matching,

Prototype Phase 2:  (WHEN?)

Pilot Stage Phase 2: (WHEN?)

Second Production Stage: August 1, 2014

●      Fed authentication

●      CommiT as a service

○      account linking

○      IdP

○      privacy and access management

○      user support

○      capable of LOA2

●      Higher Ed and Business Services

●      Participation, Business Model and Certification Process in place


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