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Internet2 Wiki Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Disclaimer

Internet2 hosts wiki platforms to support the activities of its projects and working groups. Use of these wikis is provided at no charge, and is subject to the following terms and conditions. Internet2 reserves the right to modify this AUP, and will post updates here.

  1. Internet2 wiki collaboration services are to be used only for legal purposes in support of Internet2 projects and activities. All content is subject to the terms of the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.
  2. No registration is required to view publicly accessible content on these wiki platforms; however, a user account may be required for viewing and editing content restricted to particular user groups. In these cases, users are required to provide a valid, current e-mail address, and in some cases may need to contact the content ("wiki space") owner/administrator to obtain viewing or editing privileges.
  3. Internet2 wiki platforms are intended for collaboration, and to facilitate the sharing of content with others, and are expressly not intended for the secure storage of sensitive information. Reasonable efforts will be undertaken, subject to the limits of the available technology, to provide a minimal level of access control, but users are advised not to expect security as it relates to data access. Proprietary or confidential information should not be stored on Internet2 wiki platforms with any expectation of high security or privacy. Internet2 accepts no liability for the security of data housed on its wiki platforms.
  4. Misuse or misconduct will not be tolerated. User accounts may be disabled at any time if, in the sole and subjective judgment of Internet2 staff, a user is engaged in conduct that we find unacceptable. Wiki content may be deleted, if, in the sole and subjective judgment of Internet2 staff, it is deemed to be inappropriate and/or in violation of this AUP.
  5. Each wiki space must have at least one Internet2 staff person assigned in the role of "Space Admin." That person is responsible for the space, regardless of whether admin and editing privileges are delegated to others.
  6. Internet2 will make reasonable attempts to notify users when an outage is expected. This is a "best effort" service, and no guarantees are made or implied as to availability.
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