Many of the Internet2 federated wiki spaces hosted on are public, and you may view content in those spaces without signing in. However, to gain access to restricted spaces or content, you must first sign in with InCommon or Shibboleth-compatible credentials from your own institution, so your identity can be established. If you do not have InCommon or Shibboleth-compatible credentials, you can follow the steps in the first procedure below to create an Internet2 SiteID account. If you can log in, but cannot view the content you require, follow the second procedure to request addition to the appropriate user group.

If you have any problems setting up an account or gaining access to the site, please email"

To sign in with your organization's user credentials, or create a user account

  1. Go to and click Log In. The Identity Provider Selection page opens.
  2. Type your organization's name in the Search box and click Search, or locate it by browsing the Federations and Organizations lists. If your organization is included in the list, highlight it, click Select and use your organization user account credentials to sign in. If your organization is not in the list, either continue with step 3 to create a new Internet2 SiteID account, or step 4 to sign in using an existing Google account.
  3. To log in to spaces using an Internet2 SiteID:
    1. Go to and follow the instructions to create a Internet2 SiteID account.
    2. After creating and confirming your Internet2 SiteID account, repeat steps 1 and 2 of this procedure, but in step 2, type Internet2 SiteID in the Enter institution name field and click Select. (NOTE: Make sure to select Internet2 SiteID, not Internet2. Internet2 is reserved for staff only.) You'll be redirected to the Internet2 SiteID Login page.
    3. Enter your Internet2 SiteID Email address (which serves as your username) and Password, and click Submit. You should be redirected to, and signed in under your new account.
  4. If you have a Google account, you may use it to log in to spaces. Just select "Social Providers (Beta)" in the "Federation" window on the left side of the Identity Provider Selection page, then select "Google Sign In" in the "Organization" window on the right and click Select. You will be redirected to Google, where you can sign in with your Google username and password. After completing your Google sign-in, you will be redirected back to

To view restricted content, you must still request (or have someone request for you) that you be added to the appropriate user group (see next procedure).

To be added to an appropriate user group

If you can sign in to the Internet2 federated wiki (, but cannot view the content you require (for example, if you can't see the name of the wiki space you require listed in the Dashboard), follow these steps to be added to the appropriate user group.

  1. Log in to Note that you must log in at least once before your user account will be available to administrators for assignment. If you cannot log in because you don't have a user account (with InCommon or Shibboleth-compatible credentials), please follow the procedure above to create an account through ProtectNetwork. Once you have created an account and are able to sign in, proceed to step 2.
  2. Send an email message to requesting that your user account be added to the appropriate user group. Please include your username (shown below if you are logged in), the organization with which you are affiliated, and the user group you should be assigned to, along with any other information that may help administrators approve your request (for instance, the name of the person who asked or suggested that you gain access).
  3. You should be informed of the status of your request within 1 business day. If you have not provided sufficient information, you may be asked to provide more information at that time.

If you have any problems setting up an account or gaining access to the site, please email For more information, see "Introduction to the Internet2 Wiki:"

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