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Group Chair(s):  Michael Lambert,  Alan Whinery

Internet2 Liaison(s):  Dale Finkelson

Group Type: Working Group

The IPv6 Working Group is focused both on understanding how IPv6 will enable Internet2 to achieve its goals and on promoting and coordinating the deployment of IPv6 throughout the Internet2 infrastructure. The Internet2 IPv6 Working Group aims to make IPv6 an effective tool for the Internet2 community and, in so doing, to contribute to the IPv6 work in the broader Internet by exercising, proliferating, and improving IPv6 infrastructure and software in the Internet2 context.


Mailing List

Our e-mail list is

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Click here for the list archive  (Available to list subscribers only. Note: you will be  prompted to login  when accessing the archive. First time list users can  request a userid and password.)

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