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The InCommon Trusted Access Platform simplifies campus processes and advances inter-institutional collaboration and research through an integrated suite of open-source tool set and a set of campus architectural practices that answer the challenges posed by identity and access control at higher education institutions.  The InCommon Trusted Access Platform provides tools, software and architectural patterns that enable institutions:

  • to manage access to institutional resources effectively and securely,
  • to foster inter-institutional collaboration, and
  • to facilitate access to cloud services.

See TIER 101 for an overview.


The InCommon Trusted Access Platform is a continuation of the work that began in 2016 with the Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) program. TIER was a three-year initiative to provide enhancements and sustainability for community-driven identity and access management software and services. Forty-nine campuses provided $1.25 million per year for three years to support the this effort to simplify campus processes and advance inter-institutional collaboration and research. With TIER's successful conclusion in 2018, the InCommon Trusted Access Platform has been created with a sustainable funding model to ensure its benefits for the entire community into the future.


The InCommon Trusted Access Platform technology is designed to be conformed into your institution's policies, practices, and organization for identity and access management. See below for help with that process.

  • Reference enterprise architecture (business and technical) for Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Documents describing how TIER components fit into the IAM architecture (i.e.solve IAM needs)
    • Also, what's left to the institution

Reference Documentation

The components' web sites listed below provide information about use, deployment, and administration, as well as ways in which you can enhance the capabilities of the components and contribute to the community. The following are good starting points.

Other information, services, etc.

The Software

If you are familiar with the InCommon Trusted Access Platform and what it can do, you can go here to download the software. Otherwise, read on.

DRAFT - Please Provide Feedback

This page is a draft that will, eventually, become a "landing" page for the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, once all the pieces are in place. Please provide feedback by sending mail to Comments of any kind are very welcome, although we are particularly interested in the following:

  • Is this the right set of topics to cover?
  • Is this the right structure?
  • What are the gaps that need to be filled?
  • Which documents need to be refreshed/replaced?
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