November Update: InCommon Working Groups

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OIDC-OAuth Deployment WG


Last Month

This Month

  • Refine WG charter and workplan for 2019; coordinate with TAC
  • Contribute to IAM Online – "OpenID Connect and OAuth in the R&E Community"


  • Resources spread thin

Streamlining SP Onboarding WG


This Month

Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG


Deployment Profile Working Group


  • Presented nearly completed work at TechEx in front of a much more crowded than expected room. Got some good additional community feedback
  • Finishing some final edits to our revised SAML2int
  • Plan to pass the revised SAML2int to Kantara soon for community review and ratification.
  • Recommended a work item to REFEDs to standardize logo requirements across federations for logos in metadata
  • Working on final report and then to share with InCommon TAC and Steering soon (targeted for community consultation in January 2019); report includes recommendations for follow-on work to create an R&E-specific deployment profile.



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