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This is a reference checklist for ensuring that all tasks associated with building / developing a Jira issue have been completed. 

Step-by-step guide

Here is the IFMC Project / Development Checklist:

# IFMC Checklist

  1. Project Manager: Triage new unassigned Issue
  2. Business Analyst: Develop the requirements for the User Story / Feature
  3. Business Owner: Review completed User Story / Requirements
  4. Project Manager: Review User Story / Requirements for clarity and problems
  5. Developer: Create Branch off of Development Branch
  6. Developer: Review Requirements / Story in Confluence
  7. Developer: Identify Related Jira Issues that pertain to Story
  8. Developer: Create Development sub-tasks that the build of the feature
  9. Developer: Build Feature(s)
  10. Developer: Write Test(s)
  11. Developer: Confirm Test(s) Pass Successfully
  12. Developer: Deploy Branch to Staging
  13. Developer: Notify Lead Developer (or other) that code needs to be reviewed
  14. Lead Developer: Review updated code (Code Review, Tests created, Documentation)
  15. QA Analyst: Validate developed branch meets requirements for User Story / Feature
  16. DEVOPS: Merge branch into Master
  17. Business Owner: Create documentation for new User Story / Feature
  18. DevOps: Add description for User Story / Feature to Release Notes
  19. Project Manager: Update Roadmap with User Story / Feature status

  • Note to Developer: Please note that complex features should be broken down into multiple sub-tasks.