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UbuntuNet + WACREN
(West and Central Africa)
eduIDBased on the code base by Tamás Frank (
Australian Access FederationRapid IdP

Rapid IdP has really simplified the process of pushing out software updates and security patches and we've had almost zero support requests from customers using the platform once they are up and running. If we can get the majority of our customers using the benefits will be huge for us as a federation operator.

Rapid IdP runs on AWS and we are increasingly using AWS tools to manage infrastructure deployment.

Deployment time is also drastically reduced. The most recent deployment was a government department. It took about 5 days to deploy both the Test and Production environments and debug all the connections. 3 days of this was just front-end work to get their HTML and CSS sorted out so that it looked right and worked on the archaic web browsers they still have to support. The previous record for an on-premise deployment was 43 days so a massive improvement.

The priority now is to get the product-market fit right so that we have a commercially sustainable offering.

Pika (K-12 Federation in Alberta)

RedIRIS (Spain)

RedIRIS/SIR is not offering this service yet, but will start a pilot soon.

Pilot is for a completely hosted service (IdP+IDM+Identity repository),
 targeting small to medium sized organizations. The IdP will be based on SimpleSAMLphp with auth:SQL (with slight modifications to allow argon2 passwords), the IdM (sort of a 'dashboard' for organizations admins, with IdM functionalities, statistics, and logs) is in the works. 

The idea is that this solution will be both an eduGAIN and eduroam IdP at the same time.

Italian Identity Federation GARR IdP in the CloudBased on Ansible & Openstack, for Italian Research Hospitals.

SWITCHaai (Switzerland)

IdP Hosting

Offering IdP Hosting for Swiss universities.  Based on Shibboleth IdP software.

With the current adoption of the SWITCH edu-IDthis service will become more and more obsolete.

ArnesAAI (Slovenia)

Running IdPaaS for K12 and high schools.

SRCE (Croatia)

Has run an IdP hosting service for members for over 10 years. Includes LDAP server, RADIUS server, web + SOAP/SAML interface.

SRCE maintains technical platform and institution is responsible for data.

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