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The Internet2 Guest Account is a service provided by Cirrus Identity. It enables people who do not have an InCommon-member organizational identity provider to access resources provided through Internet2 Identity Services.
The creation of the guest account is a separate process from the Internet2 Account Registration.  Creating a guest account will redirect your browser to the Cirrus Identity Domain who is a trusted partner of Internet2.
Cirrus Identity is responsible for the guest account establishment, verification, and assurance. 

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  1. Create the Guest Account
    When in the Identity Provider Discovery page, click the second link in option 2, "Create an Internet2 Guest account".
    Fill in the necessary information and hit create. An email will be sent to the address given with instructions.
    Email Subject line: "New Account Activation".
    Click the link and set your password.
  2. Register the Guest Account
    The first time you try to use your Internet2 Guest account to login, you will be asked to register it.
    This is step 4 on the Registration Guide. Follow along with the prompts (or guide) until this process is complete.
  3. Finish any outstanding Enrollments
    If you were in the process of enrolling for access or an event, continue where you left off before creating the Guest Account.
    This usually involves an email invitation.

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