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For Migrated Collaborations

Many users of the old Internet2 instance of Confluence ( had their data, including group information, migrated to the Collaboration Platform.

  • Users have been imported into the COmanage registry. Users who authenticate to the Collaboration Platform applications will be redirected to their home identity provider to log in.
  • Groups and have been imported into Grouper, including existing members. Groups will now be managed by Grouper rather than by Confluence.

For New Collaborations

When new Collaborations are created and provisioned, each will have three groups:

  1. Owner – These are users with official roles pertaining to the collaboration. These users can manage users and permissions of the other groups.
  2. Contributor – These users have the ability to read and write to their collaboration's resources. The intent is for them to be able to contribute to the activities of the collaboration, not necessarily to curate its content.
  3. Viewer – These users can view content generated by the collaboration, but cannot edit.

In Grouper, an owner may add or remove users from these three groups, which will then provision permissions to the downstream applications. These groups would look something like this:

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