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Internet2 continues to transition applications for better identity management and on April 26th Jira is moving from to (to be completed the morning of April 29th)..

In August the Confluence wiki transitioned from to This was more than just a domain name change. The new instances will use a new registry and permissions management system, so all users will have a new record in this system. These transitions are part of a larger project that will allow working group chairs and others to manage resources and permissions. We’re using Grouper and COmanage to manage access to the wiki and email lists.

If your users are currently having no issues logging into you are good to go.  If they are having any issues then they will likely also have issue with the new Jira.


See What You are Releasing

If you'd like to see the attributes the Collaboration Platform is receiving from your Identity Provider, use this page to choose your identity provider and you will be directed to a page showing that information.

Sign your responses

Ensure that, when it responds, your IdP is signing the response and not the assertion.  This is in accordance with specification IIP-SP13 in the "SAML V2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability" document located here.

Update Your Attribute Release Policy

You may need to update your attribute release policy to include the new wiki:

If you are not in a position to adopt R&S, logging into requires an identifier: eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN). It will ease your users' onboarding and access if you also release displayName, givenName+sn, and email address via the mail attribute. Also, the entityID of the new wiki platform is

Adopt Research & Scholarship

We encourage you to take this opportunity to support the Research & Scholarship (R&S) entity category and release the associated basic set of attributes. When you support R&S, you release the attribute bundle to the entire category of Service Providers (which are vetted by InCommon or one of our sister federations that are part of eduGAIN - you can see a list here). Releasing R&S to the new means your faculty and staff should have seamless access to the new wiki address and their associated permissions.

Note that the list of R&S Service Providers includes a number of collaboration tools. Even if your campus is not research-focused, you may have faculty and staff that need access to these services.

The R&S attribute bundle includes the following required data elements.

  • shared user identifier
  • person name
  • email address

and one optional data element:

  • affiliation

For more information, see item #5 on the R&S entity category description

Configure Your Identity Provider to Release the R&S Attributes

There is a wiki page that provides detailed information and instructions on how to configure your IdP to release the R&S attributes to all R&S Service Providers.

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