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This document provides a breakdown of the work as identified in the 2018 InCommon subscriber survey. Primarily, only those items receiving ‘high’ or ‘medium’ priority are listed. The work items are categorized below and indicate responsible party. Work is expected to complete by July 2019 unless otherwise indicated.

Subscriber Survey

The report from the subscriber survey can be found here.

Work Plan Components

Last Updated: March 25, 2019 (emurtha)





Change Management / Communications




ACME Support in CCM with product roadmap

SectigoHighApril 2019
SSO EnhancementsSharedMediumPartial list will be completed by July. Balance TBA.

Improve the EV process

  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • Training
  • Flexibility on source docs
  • Training of Sectigo staff
  • Webinar
SharedHighMay 2019

Improve the DCV process

  • Documentation
  • Videos/Screenshots
  • Training
SharedHighMay 2019


  • Documentation/Clarification - done
  • Knowledge base (begin tagging InCommon) - in process
  • Additional training videos - in process
    • CSR generation
    • Certificate installation
    • Certificate renewal
SharedMediumJuly 2019

Process Integration between InCommon and Sectigo

  • Source documents for org vetting / consistent org names
  • Admin contacts (investigating)
  • Managing RAO contact info
  • Managing Org info

Dashboard Enhancements & SLA Changes: Communications with the community

SharedMediumJuly 2019
InCommon Certificate APIInCommonMediumDeferred to next year's work plan
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