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  • v1.6.0 Get Attribute Assignments
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Get attribute assignments.  These attributes can be on groups, stems, members, memberships (immediate or any), or attribute definitions.  If you want to retrieve attribute assignments assigned to other attributes, then pass a flag to the assignment lookup to include assignments on the returned assignments.

You can lookup attributes by attribute definition, attribute definition name, attribute assign id, or the owner lookup (e.g. group name or stem uuid).

All returned attribute assignments will be filtered for security based on the logged in or acted as user (security rules are on attribute framework wiki)

The returned data will include the attribute assignments, value(s) on those assignments, and a normalized list of references (owner objects e.g. group/stem/etc, attribute definitions, attribute names, etc)

You can lookup assignments by multiple owners, definitions, etc

AttributeAssignType is a required field, but cannot be an assignment on assignment, must be: group, member, stem, any_mem, imm_mem, attr_def


  • Can base attribute assign list based on action, active, etc
  • Lookup owner or other objects by object lookup (by id, name, etc)
  • Returns group / subject information, can be detailed or not
  • Can actAs another user

Get attribute assignments lite service

  • Accepts one group, or one subject, or stem, etc to get attribute assignments for
  • Documentation: SOAP (click on getAttributeAssignmentsLite), REST (click on getAttributeAssignmentsLite)
  • For REST, the request can put data in query string (in URL or request body)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A):
    • GET /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v1_6_000/attributeAssignments
    • Note: if passing data in request body e.g. actAs, use a POST
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes
  • Samples (all files with "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see file)

Get attribute assignments service

  • Accepts multiple groups or subjects or memberhipIds (or combination) etc to retrieve lists of attribute assignments
  • Documentation: SOAP (click on getAttributeAssignments), REST (click on getAttributeAssignments)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A):
    • POST /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v1_6_000/attributeAssignments
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes overall
  • Returns an overall status
  • Samples (all files without "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see files)
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