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Release Notes for Grouper v1.2.1

This page includes the new features and fixes of the current release for the Grouper v1.2.1 API and UI. Download Grouper v1.2.1 on the main Download page.

Grouper v1.2.1 is a maintenance release in which a few bugs have been fixed and performance has been substantially improved. Some modest functional enhancements have also been made to the UI. Significant gains have been achieved by tuning how the API interacts with the relational back-end and its caching strategy, and both the API and UI use new strategies to check privileges. The project team has also identified some promising new approaches to achieve even further gains that we hope to roll out in Grouper v1.3.0.

Details on the improvements can found in the Internet2 Jira issue tracker for the API and the UI.

Modifications have been made to the indexes on the Grouper tables for the 1.2.1 release of Grouper. See Database Conversion v1.2.0 - v1.2.1 for a description of each change and an example SQL statement

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