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Grouper v1.0 Release Candidate 1 Software

Grouper v1.0 RC1 is now available. We intend to release the official v1.0 to the Grouper community on Thursday, July 20, provided that the RC1 testing conducted by this community doesn't uncover any serious bugs that can't be fixed by then. Please post bugs and other feedback to the grouper-users mailing list.


  • QuickStart - a self-contained package, including a demo database, to get a demo up quickly.


  • Group math
  • Custom group types and attributes
  • XML import/export tool
  • GrouperShell command line shell - gsh


  1. The RC1 tarballs contain some older documentation. We haven't finished producing extracts of wiki docs for inclusion in the v1.0 tarballs.
  2. The Grouper v1.0 UI embodies our first attempt to enable two tasks that are complicated in a UI context: managing composite groups, and managing custom group types and attributes. We've prepared a brief tutorial to help smooth your exploration of these new UI capabilities.
  3. The QuickStart tarball should work fine on JDK1.5. However, for JDK 1.4 the for the Grouper UI should be modified so the following line is uncommented:

     (question) Questions? (info) Contact us.

GROUPER:  About   FAQ   Software  Documentation   Contribute   WG   Contact

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