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3 parts to the integraiotn. using Kualia and want to use Grouper for Gouper ou can use grouper gouprs inside RICE

Don't have to use Kuali groups anymore

2. if you have gouprer and want workflow, then you can use your own RICE or install RICE and have essentially electronic access forms.

All of our access forms will be electronic

2.5 : to get a quickstart going if you have Grouper and want Kuali Rice. then hook up kulai to IdM , that;s hard, butyou can do it thru Grouper.  Can save time

Point identities in KIM to point to Grouper to go to IdM. so you don't have to add all students .

Hard to hook up to LDAP

Implement Kuali IdM thru Grouper

Penn will use that

3.  Penn is one of the founding partners of Kuali OLE Online Library Envionmrnet , the online library.  Wil use that also

Groups from Oley will go thru Grouper as well.

Kuali KIM smaller and inside KIM is Rice.

SAY RICE it includes workflow and KIM

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