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  • Weekly UI Chat - 1.2.2013
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  • Consider switching to sentence case
  • Add a quick link for My Folders
    • would look like my Groups, but would list just Folders
  • My Services
    • instead of folder names, list Service Name which would then link to folders
    • provide option to disable the My Services links
    • My Services will probably need to like My Groups in terms of having multiple tabs; the exact functionality is still TBD
  • My Memberships might need to be tweaked to be useful; as is, it will probably show a long list of groups for all users, most of which they are not interested in.
  • Remove the "Member Count" column from My Groups
    • Consider adding Description as a truncated column with ability to hover and see full description
  • Consider adding a popup on My Groups if the user wants to see more information about a Group before clicking on it.
  • Remove member count from View a Folder
  • Need a "Privileges" folder on "View a Folder," similar to on "View a Group"
  • Consider a context menu for each user in a group membership, with links to view user details, start/end dates, trace membership, etc.
    • May be confusing to have the user names link to a group-specific view of that user, while in other contexts it may link to the full user profile
  • Get rid of Add People screen and replace with a quick add; probably ok since it's easy enough to get to the privileges tab to then add privileges
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