Welcome to the Uppsala University Grouper Page

Here are screenshots of the user interface developed at Uppsala University. It resides at our employee portal. Name searching is done directly against the same LADP as we use for users inside Grouper.

In spring 2015 we'll start handling federated users also and they will be in the same user source as our normal users. We have a registration service built into our IdM-system.

Next step thereafter our student portal will implement group handling for student groups that is not automaticly fetched from the student documentation system.

We'll also start to provision the groups to LDAP and possible Active Directory.

Create Group in Employee Portal -- Part 1

 All employees at the university can create groups in our employee portal. In the backend Grouper is provisioned direct.

Create Group in Employee Portal -- Part 2

Admin Add Members

Group owner and group administrators can add members via this setup. The search is talking directrly to LDAP that has the user base.

View Group Members

All group memebers can se members and remove them self.