Welcome to the University of Toronto Grouper Project Page

Rebadged locally as UTORGrouper, we first introduced Grouper 2.2.1 at
the University of Toronto to support an internal software development
project needing distributed/delegated role-based access control. The
goal was to expose specific functions to specific groups whose
memberships are best managed by local administrative staff.

Since then, Grouper's uptake at U of T has been surprisingly brisk,
despite not advertisting the service at the University. The primary
adopters of Grouper thus far have been IT services, as Grouper can
address substantial pain points in an effective and timely manner than
other solutions.

We also provide institutional training for the use of Grouper through 
the existing staff development department in the form of two courses: 
One is a basic introduction to Grouper aimed at non-technical staff who 
would ultimately be responsible for managing group memberships, the 
second one is an advanced treatment, integrating Grouper, group 
architecture, and a brief but intense introduction to LDAP. These 
workshops have been well-attended.

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