University of Montana (UM) is currently using Grouper in a TIER deployment model.  While still in it's infancy, we have begun to utilize a number of TIER-recommended practices, including:

  1. Organization of the UM institution members' roles, departments, etc., using Grouper reference groups.
  2. Using grouper-loader to import high level cohorts into reference groups.
  3. Creating access policy groups for applications using composite groups of reference groups, almost exclusively
  4. Driving SSO authorization for services with Shibboleth IdP, using a Grouper data connector.

Additionally we have utilized Grouper reference groups to drive provisioning into select services for cohorts such as, active employees/faculty/students for services like Adobe and Tableau.

UM continues to strive to maintain a TIER compliant state for its identity access management practices so that we can be fully supportive of our education and research communities with Internet2 member standards.

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