UC Berkeley Deployed Grouper in Summer 2014. 

  • What usage scenarios are you using Grouper to solve?
    • User creates a Special Purpose Account, a delegated account allowing users to login using their own credentials. Grouper is used to store the user groups authorizing use of the SPA.
    • Admin controls access to their app using a combination of adhoc and official data driven groups. 
    • User sends email to official data driven or adhoc groups via central message app or google groups.
    • Application determines user affiliations via isMemberOf attribute in LDAP which has been provisioned by Grouper
    • Admin manages AD application security groups via groups provisioned from Grouper.
    • User is authorized to access to Service Providers via official or adhoc groups using IsMemberOf or entitlement attributes
    • Duo second factor is enforced using IsMemberOf group info
  • How does Grouper fit into your environment? Do you also run another authorization management app? Did Grouper displace an existing centralized authorization management application?
    • Grouper is our only authorization management app.
  • What integrations have been integrated with Grouper?
    • Grouper provisions groups to AD LDAP, OpenDJ LDAP and Google groups
    • Several apps provision group information via the web services interface which are pushed to the above systems.
  • What EFT is used to maintain? What’s the EFT’s skillset to run/maintain Grouper? 
    • .25 FTE
    • general sysadmin plus programming skills for Change Log Consumers
  • How long do you retain your audit/point in time tables? What is your current database size?
    • We haven't removed any PIT tables yet.
    • DB size is 24 GB

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For more info, calnet-admin@berkeley.edu