Grouper is an essential part of the University of Bath's identity and access management system.

We used Grouper version 1.2.1 for more than ten years, until in August 2018 we successfully upgraded Grouper to version 2.3.0 (plus patches). We are already considering an upgrade to version 2.4.0.

Grouper does a great job in helping us manage our ten thousand groups and nine hundred thousand memberships.

Our identity management software uses the Grouper API to automatically add users to and remove them from Grouper groups based on account life-cycles.

We then use several PSPNG provisioners to synchronize these groups to our AD and LDAP systems.

The AD and LDAP groups in turn are used to drive mailing lists and access control lists.

We are currently using the Grouper UI for administrative access only and have a separate tool developed in-house to allow users to self-manage their groups. In future we would like to utilize the Grouper UI also for self-managed groups.