Information about the University of Auckland's identity-and-access-management services and Grouper implementation is coming here soon.  Meanwhile, please feel free to contact Shaun Koh,, with any comments or questions.

The University of Auckland has long had a strong model of single identity in place — that is, each human constituent is exepected to have exactly one digital identity, regardless of the number or currency of roles and relationships they have with the University.  Identity information is lifecycle-managed in a homegrown Enterprise Person Registry (Grails web assets backed by an Oracle database) commissionedin 2010, which now manages the identity information for some 900,000 people.

Groups and group memberships have been managed for about the last twenty-five years in a homegrown arrangement known as "NetAccount" (Rails with CXF backed by a MySQL database).  NetAccount has served a wide range of purposes handsomely, but has run its natural course, and migrating all group-management functionality and responsibility to Grouper is a natural and sensible next step for the University to take.

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