Namespaces and Delegation

For background on the issues, see the information from U Washington here and here

These rules were adopted in a team meeting on December 20, 2011. Any changes from here on out will need to follow formal change control process.

Namespace rules: 
  1. Valid names:  any reasonably short string consisting of a sequence of characters chosen from the following classes:
    • lower- and upper-case letters a-z, A-Z
    • numerals 0-9, 
    • "-" (hyphen)
    • "."
  2. Name component separator character:  colon, ":"
    • Recommended because it makes for more easily readable stem and group names and it is less likely than colon ":" to cause problems in scripts and modules.
  3. Root stems: one of uw:* or u:* per specific rules below
  4. Institutional (data-derived) groups: uw:ref:*
    • Note: Institutional groups are never used directly for authorization purposes, but always by inclusion in an appropriate authorization-related group
  5. eduPersonAffiliations: uw:ref:institutional_roles:{faculty, staff, student, employee, member, alum, affiliate}
    • Note: Recommend use of eduPersonEntitlement: common-lib-terms in preference to eduPersonAffiliation: library-walk-in
  6. Affiliations: uw:affiliation:*
  7. (not implemented, yet) Courses (strictly speaking, course offerings): uw:course:*
  8. Each * or UW-related domain is welcome to a subdomain-tagged stem name: e.g.,,,,,
  9. Departments, Institutes, Centers and Divisions not covered by or overlapping with subdomain assignments: uw:org:*
  10. (not implemented) NetID-based / personal groups u:netid:*
  11. Miscellaneous or "stemless" groups: x:*
  12. Mandated exceptions: Any valid name value not equal to any other predefined or pre-existing name
  13. Group names are made globally unique by adding the following URN prefix:
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