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Welcome to the Grouper v1.6.0 Product Documentation Space

   NEW!!  Grouper v1.6.0 is now available!

Software Overview

Download - Download the latest product version from the main Grouper Software web site.
Specsheet - Offers operational specifications for the development and deployment of Grouper.
License - Terms under which Grouper is licensed, the Apache 2.0 license.
Archives - Details feature information and downloads of previous Grouper versions.
Glossary - Terms and definitions relevant to Grouper.

Grouper Trademark Guidelines and Styleguide - Usage policy for the Grouper logo.

Grouper Integration

Graphic illustration of the the range of options for integrating Grouper with existing Identity Management components and with applications.

Systems Administration

Installation & Configuration

Prerequisites - Establish the Grouper environment.
API Installation - Configure the API and integrate with existing identity stores.
Grouper UI Installation - Configure, build, and deploy Grouper's User Interfaces.
WS Installation - Build, secure, and deploy Grouper Web Services.
Initializing Administration of Privileges - The first stem and group you should create.

Tools & Topics for On-Going Administration

Grouper UIs - Information on web-based user interfaces provided with Grouper.
GrouperShell - Documentation for the gsh command line utility.
Grouper Daemon - Documentation for background processing including: GrouperLoader, notifications and membership expiry.
Grouper Client - Experimental client for Grouper LDAP and Web Services.
Ldappc-ng - Documentation for the LDAP Provisioning Connector.
Ldappc - Documentation for the original LDAP Provisioning Connector.
User Audit Log - How to review who made what changes and when.
Move and Copy - How to move / copy groups or stems.
Notification - Grouper can incrementally provision external systems.
Attribute framework - As of v1.5 Grouper has a framework for assigning metadata to grouper objects.
Custom Group Types & Fields - What they are and how to create and delete them.
Role and permission management - Grouper v1.5+ allows external applications to central management roles and permissions in Grouper
Enabled and disabled dates - Memberships can be set to apply only in the future, or for a certain period of time
Import/Export Tool - Documentation for the XML Import/Export tool.
Legacy Import/Export Tool- Documentation for the original XML Import/Export tool.
Unresolvable Subject Deletion Utility - Documentation for the command line usdu tool.
Bad Membership Finder Utility - Documentation for the findbadmemberships command line script.
Shibboleth Integration - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth.
ESB Connector - Integrating Grouper with an event-driven ESB architecture.
Grouper integration with Kuali Rice - Use Grouper groups in Kuali applications and middleware, and use Kuali Enterprise Workflow in Grouper groups management.

Applications Development

Grouper UI Customisation Guide

Developer's Guide to Grouper Web Services

Hooks for 3rd party extensions to the java API

API & UI v1.6.0 Javadoc
WS v1.6.0 Javadoc
Grouper Client v1.6.0 Javadoc

Grouper source code is in Internet2's SVN repository. We recommend getting the 1.6 branch, which will always include the latest patches to the 1.6 release. For command line users:

svn co

Bug Reports - Bugs submitted and fixes found here. Note: You will need to create a login with Jira.

Archived Documentation

    (warning) Archived documentation can be viewed on the Archives page, bundled in a (.PDF) file under each release version (major- and sub-releases only.)

Community Area

    Documents & Presentations - View others' and post your Grouper-related drafts and final works.

    Contributions - Share your code, software, documentations, use cases, and other contributions with the Grouper community.

    (info) Contact us if you have additional comments or suggestions.

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