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  • TechEx 2018 - Latest Grouper recipes
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TIME 10/17/18 11:20AM-12:10PM
ROOM Pacifica Ballroom 4/5

Chris HyzerPenn

Shibboleth shows countdown warning (heads up) to users who are going to be required for MFA in the next 9 days

Ccure feed to Grouper to capture door access

Michael GettesFlorida

Visualize Group membership and privilege relationship including group size, loader metadata, etc

SQL queries used to help monitor Grouper

Running python scripts to provision stuff with Grouper messaging

Chad RedmanUNC-CH

web application to create and sync Office 365 groups from class rosters;

demonstrates large sql_group_list loaders, WS as a web app driver, O365 changelog consumer

Chris SutherinUMBCProvisioning campus portal group membership into Google groups via Grouper
Bert Bee-LindgrenGeorgia TechPSPNG's Dockerized Integration Testing
John GasperUniconGetting Started with the TIER Grouper Docker Image
Carl WaldbieserLafayette CollegeProvisioning with Grouper, messaging and python
James BabbInternet2Something cool

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