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As of Grouper 2.3, a new column has been added to the grouper_members table called subject_identifier0.  This allows Grouper to store one subject identifier for each subject to reduce the number of subject lookups during certain operations.  See the Subject API document for definitions and examples of subject identifiers.

You can store any subject attribute in this column using the sources.xml configuration.  Here's an example:

    <!-- subject identifier to store in grouper's member table -->


To initially populate the column after you have configured it and if you make a change to this configuration again in the future, you should sync the attribute. For subjects that are people, you can use USDU:

gsh 0% // run USDU to resolve all the subjects with type=person
gsh 1% GrouperSession.startRootSession()
gsh 2% subject=SubjectFinder.findById("GrouperSystem")
subject: id='GrouperSystem' type='application' source='g:isa' name='GrouperSysAdmin'
gsh 3% session=GrouperSession.start(subject)
edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.GrouperSession: 8106bdad683d43f88bf24c8e683f6162,'GrouperSystem','application'
gsh 4% usdu()
usdu completed successfully

For subjects that are groups, you can run the following line using GSH:

gsh 0% GrouperSession.startRootSession()
gsh 1% for (String g : HibernateSession.byHqlStatic().createQuery("select uuid from Group").listSet(String.class)) { subj = SubjectFinder.findByIdAndSource(g, "g:gsa", true); GrouperDAOFactory.getFactory().getMember().findBySubject(subj).updateMemberAttributes(subj, true); }
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