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This document has information about how to manage branches in grouper.  Assumes using Eclipse.


Example branch name: GROUPER_1_6_BRANCH

Example branch merge point: just commit the misc/merge.txt

How do I work in a branch?

You need to checkout that branch from git, and work in it.  Here is how:

  1. You should probably close all projects of different branches since the names will conflict.  Or you can rename with the branch in the name (e.g. grouper_trunk)
  2. If you have the branch checked out, just import the project into eclipse, or open the project

Which branch should I work in, and when?  How to merge?

If you are making a change for the next major release (or before a branch has been made for a release), use trunk.

Note: Anonymous access to Grouper's Git repository is provided via:

If you are making a fix for a previous branch, then:

  1. Make the change in the oldest branch first (see instructions above)
  2. Commit the change (note the commit-id)
  3. Checkout the second-most-recent branch, then git cherry-pick (commit-id) where (commit-id) is the commit of your patch
  4. Rinse, lather, repeat, submit a pull request.
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