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  • Release steps for new container build
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  1. See if there is an updated Tomee Webprofile version
    1. If so, get the tomee tar.gz to the webprod3 server in the proper directory
    2. Adjust the tomee version in
  2. Run "ant build" in grouper-client, make sure it compiles
  3. If there are DDL changes make sure theres not an index longer than expected 768
  4. Check unit tests
  5. Tag as GROUPER_RELEASE_x.y.z
  6. Wait 15 minutes
  7. Go to:
    1. Select the x.y.z version and click "Release"
  8. In the docker_grouper project, make an x.y.z branch if not already there
  9. Make sure docker unit test count matches the number of changed unit tests in
  10. Change the Dockerfile to x.y.z in two places, commit and push
  11. Wait 15 minutes
  12. Once the build is done, run the container unit tests
  13. Use the installer to install the container
    1. jdbc:mysql://
  14. Upgrade the demo server
  15. Adjust the version of apache/shib/java/tomcat in the release notes
  16. Adjust the SHA in release notes
    1. docker image inspect i2incommon/grouper:2.5.XX | grep i2incommon/grouper@sha256

After stable

  1. When the release has been used for a few days and no issues, then mark as stable
  2. Update this page too: InCommon Trusted Access Platform Release

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