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Grouper new UI

Starting with Grouper v2.4, membership is handled by default in the New UI, and the Lite UI is no longer available in the standard setup.

Membership Update UI in the new UI

See Grouper new UI#Groupscreen

Membership Update in the Lite UI

The membership update screen provides features not offered in the Admin UI:

  • Search a large group for a user
  • Import a group list from a CSV (Comma separated values) file
  • Export a group list to a CSV file
  • View/edit membership enabled/disabled dates

There are Ajax controls to improve the usability of the screen:

  • Auto complete "drop down" so the user does not have to navigate away from the page to search for data
  • DHTML modal dialog to get quick input from the user without navigating away from the screen
  • DHTML context menu to fit more functions on the screen without confusing beginner users
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